African Online Journal


Logos: African Journal of Philosophy
Volume 3, Issue 1, July 2020



1.       A Comparative Study of Christian Ethics and Humanist Ethics.                                                                                                   Pgs 1-16


2.      An Appraisal of Marx's Theory of Socialism and Religion as Alienation                                                                  Pgs 17-34



3.      Logical Sledge of Boko Haram Insurgency and Economic Development:A Nigerian Experience.    Pgs 35-45



4.  Assessment Of The Problems Hindering Effective Teaching And Learning Computer Science in                      Pgs 46-59

      Secondary Schools In Ikwo Local Government Area, Ebonyi State.    


5.      The Place Of Jared Diamond’s Theory Of Development On The African Predicament.                                       Pgs 60-78



6.      Kant’s Ethical Imperative: A Paradigm For Political Development in the Society.                                                  Pgs  79-92



7.      An Appraisal of Thomas Hobbes Leviathan to Corporate Governance,

       and Accountability in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic.                                                                                                         Pgs  93 -109



8.      Socio-Religious Functions of Children Ministry Among Baptist Churches in Abraka Community of Delta State.       Pgs 110-129.


           9.   The Egyptian Sources of Pythagoras’ Philosophy: A Study in the African Origin of Greek Philosophy    Pgs 130-141